Aaron Acceptance, Customer Success Stories.

  • “It is all thanks to Aaron Acceptance that we are where we are right now. Prior to contacting them, we were facing an extremely difficult time in our lives. Just when we felt like we were running out of options, we gave Aaron Acceptance a call, who kindly explained the process for a second mortgage and a reasonable plan to pay it off. Thanks again, we are forever grateful for your kind and professional help, and I will proudly recommend you to any friends or family in need.”
    – Russell

    “The service I received at Aaron Acceptance was nothing short of remarkable. The broker I spoke with made a great first impression as he was friendly, and very understanding of my situation. This made me feel comfortable explaining my whole situation, as well as confident in my decision to choose Aaron Acceptance. When I had the chance to visit the office and sit down with my broker, I immediately noticed the high level of professionalism and knowledge, and was more than happy to sign a new contract with them.”
    – Frank

    “When considering our options for a second mortgage, we made a number of different calls so that we could measure our options. But when we called Aaron Acceptance, we were greeted in such a personable way, that it made us book an appointment for the next day. That day, we went in the office, where again, we were pleasantly greeted by the broker, who restored our faith that we could get ourselves out of the debt were in, and even faster than we had imagined.”
    – Melissa & Dylan

    “One day while I was driving to work, and thinking about all the renovations I wished I could do to my home, an advertisement on the radio came on for Aaron Acceptance. When I heard on the ad that they provide loans for home renovations, it was all I could think about for the rest of the day at work. As soon as I finished work, I called Aaron Acceptance and talked to a broker on the phone who explained to me how I could begin my home renovations that same week! I now love the home I live in and am comfortable with the repayment structure.”
    – Kirsten

    “Just last month I was struggling to overcome the most difficult period of time in my life. During this time I was less productive at my job, was falling behind on my bills, and was quickly losing hope. To make matters worse, I was notified that unless I could pay all my bills within the next week, that my house would be foreclosed. This is when I knew things had to change immediately. I called Aaron Acceptance and spoke with a broker with whom I had a long chat, making me feel like everything was going to be okay. We then proceeded to talk about a plan and a loan structure for me to get back on track, and easily reached an agreement. From there, I received the loan the following day, and was able to catch up on all my bills, avoid foreclosure, and still have some money left to get me back on my feet. I now feel financially secure and am well on my way to living a better life.”
    – Jack

    “With Aaron Acceptance, I felt like I was well taken care of. When I first realized I was in debt, I was shocked, and felt embarrassed to talk about it with anyone. But after a couple days of denial, I knew that waiting would only make things worse. Remembering a referral for Aaron Acceptance by a friend, I gave them call and booked an appointment for later that day. When I came in, I met my broker who took so much of the stress off my back. The way he talked with me made me feel like we had known each other for a long time, making me feel far less embarrassed to explain my situation, and very comfortable  to seek further help. Thank you Aaron Acceptance, I will never forget what you have done for me.”
    – Melanie

    “My wife and I would like to thank Aaron Acceptance on behalf of our whole family for providing us with a loan. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we will happily refer you to any of our friends who may need help in the future.”
    – James & Diana

    “A Big thanks to Aaron Acceptance for always being there for me and making me feel like everything would be okay, because everything would be okay! When I most needed help, I was able to count on Aaron Acceptance. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a loan.”
    – Peter

    “Anytime I receive excellent, above par service from anywhere or anyone, I make sure to go out of my way to write a review to make sure their outstanding work is more known. At Aaron Acceptance, I felt welcomed and appreciated as a client. Not once did I feel insecure telling them about my financial troubles, or rushed during our appointment. I really appreciate all the time they spent with me to discuss all my options, as it was such a pleasure doing business with them. I would highly recommend Aaron Acceptance to anyone facing any sort of financial troubles, as I know that they will be able to help you just as they helped me.”
    – Lily

    “As a kid I always wanted to own my own business, which I know can be risky, but I was never scared of taking risks. Now that I am an adult with a college degree, I decided that it was finally time to turn my dream of owning my own business into my reality. After the bank turned down my business plan, I proposed it to Aaron Acceptance. Not only did they provide me with a loan for my startup, but they also loved my idea and even gave me some of their own advice! So far, my new business is running smoothly, so I owe a huge thanks to you, Aaron Acceptance.”
    – Gavin

    “Aaron Acceptance, thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We have been clients of yours for a year now, and the loan you gave us was tremendously helpful for consolidating our debt. We have been able to make the monthly payments with ease, and in a couple months now, we will be completely debt free. Thanks again!”
    – Robert and Nancy

    “Before consulting Aaron Acceptance, I was very worried and anxious about my financial situation. Talking to one of their brokers on the phone helped put me in a more calm state of mind, where I could begin to think straight and work out a loan and payment structure to fit my needs. The broker spent about half an hour on the phone with me, most of for which he was answering all my questions. I really appreciate his patience and helpfulness with me through such a difficult time in my life. I can now look back on that period of my life, and thank Aaron Acceptance for the better position I am in now”
    – Valerie

    “Aaron Acceptance helped me obtain a loan quickly and efficiently, which was greatly appreciated. I will be sure to pass on your brilliant worth ethic and customer service to my friends and family.”
    – Taylor

    “Thanks to Aaron Acceptance, I was able to renovate my home just the way I’ve been picturing it in my mind for the past couple years. The service I received was above and beyond what I expected, and for that reason, I will not hesitate to call Aaron Acceptance any other time I may need a loan in the future.”
    – Robin

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